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Montay Coffee

12oz Ramirez - Whole Bean Coffee | Dominican Republic

12oz Ramirez - Whole Bean Coffee | Dominican Republic

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Check out our upgraded packaging design and NEW 12oz size offering to give you more of the coffee you love!
  • SINGLE ORIGIN, ORGANIC RED HONEY PROCESSED DOMINICAN REPUBLIC COFFEE—Chosen from small, family farms in the Dominican Republic
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED—We ensure the farmers who source our coffee are paid a fair price 
  • ROASTED IN ARKANSAS  —Light roast, medium bodied coffee that's full of flavor
  • PREMIUM 12 oz WHOLE BEAN—The freshest flavor comes from the most freshly roasted coffee 
  • BREW HOT OR COLD—Amazing flavor whether drip brewed, cold brewed, or pour-over
  • AMAZING FLAVOR—Tasting notes of strawberry jam, honey, cherry, and happiness
  • ELEVATION  —Sourced from an elevation of 1400m above sea level

Meet the Farmer: Ramirez Family-Owned Estate

These farmers are paid roughly 300% higher wages to this Estate for their exceptional care of the environment, organic certification, care for local Haitian immigrants, and high cupping scores.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I love the Ramirez coffee flavor, it's been a staple in our house for the mornings!

Huge Coffee Guy

I am a casual coffee drinker, and Ramirez has turned me into a coffee guy. Its nice to have Ramirez around because it's a flavorful coffee that doesnt need creamer. That makes it a morning go-to for friends and family because everyone loves it!

No Creamer Necessary

I rarely drink my coffee black, but the undertones in this one really show up! If I'm wanting to drink it black, this is my go to!

Perfect Cup of Coffee

The Montay Rameriz is wonderful. I love the notes of honey. It's the perfect way to start my morning!

Highly recommend!

This coffee is awesome! I have never really liked drinking just black coffee but this one is so smooth that it is great even without creamer!