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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that come our way. If you don't see one that helps please contact us and we'll try to help soon.


What is the best way to store my coffee?

Once one of our bags of coffee is opened, peak freshness lasts about 30 days. Our bags are created to be re-zipped shut and act as coffee containers. Once you open your new coffee for the first time, just rezip the bag. This will keep your coffee tasting good.

Oxygen is what causes coffee to degrade, so keeping your bag sealed or in an air-tight container will help to extend its shelf life!

What is the roast level and profile?

We roast each of our coffees to bring out its best qualities, so all of our coffees are roasted a bit different from each other. Generally, our coffees are a light to medium roast.

Find out more information on your specific batch of coffee by visiting "Our Coffee" page.

How do I brew my coffee?

Curious about how to brew your coffee? Visit the "Our Coffee" page to learn more about our recommended brewing methods.

Interested in wholesale with Montay Coffee?

Choosing a roaster is one of the most important decisions a coffee shop owner can make. We would love to discuss how you can wholesale with us! Please contact us with the details and we will get back to you soon.

Would you like to purchase Montay Coffee for your Church or Business?

We do have 5LB bags available for local delivery in Northwest Arkansas. Contact us to learn more. We would love to hear from you!