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Montay Coffee

Good coffee isn't just a morning starter. It's an intentional ritual.

Grind the beans. Pour the water. Extract the aroma, the flavors, the beginning of a new day. And if you're anything like us, that ritual begins a very good cycle of daily care—for your family or friends, your career, your community, your world.

Very good cycles don't happen by accident. They take intention. At Montay, we believe great coffee plays a role in creating these cycles. That's why we source the best beans from farmers who care about their soil, their families, and their communities. And your investment in each cup of Montay cultivates dignity instead of dependence and breaks cycles of poverty. It allows those farmers to provide food and education for their kids, reinvest in their farms and businesses, and perpetuate their own very good cycles.

We believe your morning ritual could be the start of a whole lot of good. So, join us in drinking




Come with us. Start something good.

Why Haiti?

At one point, Haiti was one of the largest suppliers of the world’s coffee. Today, very few people know it exists. This decline is due partly to political instability and government corruption, but it also results from the collapse of the International Coffee Agreement in 1989. Additionally, Haiti's economy has been damaged by excessive donations and gifts resulting in most Haitians only living off of less than $3 a day.

Montay Coffee recognizes the quality of beans Haiti produces as their coffee is known for exceptionally low acidity, generally mellow, slightly sweet, and nutty flavors. We strive to create a generational cycle of dignity and empowerment by providing each worker a fair wage.

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